Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster – The World Inside CD

1. Machinations 08:09
2. The World Inside 09:08
3. Presynaptic 04:15
4. Truth Escapes 08:14
5. Postsynaptic 10:41
6. Apocryphal 10:00


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Whether biologically or socially, we seem to be trapped, each of us, in our own little subjective fantasy that leads to post-truth phenomenon, that leads to tribe-against-tribe political systems, and that facilitates chaos and its journey throughout our lives.

Socially we seem to project our interpretation of the world around us, onto everyone else, and we expect them to think and feel the same things. And if they don’t, we judge them defective or deficient in some way. There’s a lot of talk in the air about tribalism and post-truth era and all that kind of thing. But essentially whatever it is… we’re doing it to ourselves.

‘The World Inside’ is the fourth album from Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster.

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